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For your convenience Recreation added two additional sign up dates June 20th 7-9pm Keyport Municipal Building, Council Chambers and June 21st during the movie at the waterfront to register your children and meet the staff for Summer Recreation


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Keyport Environmental Commission - KEC

Mission Statement

The Keyport Environmental Commission (KEC) serves as an advocate for environmental issues that affect Keyport, residents, businesses, and visitors. Working with our Bayshore region public and private partners, the KEC volunteer members coordinate clean-up projects, preservation of our natural and historic resources, promote educational information, and support environmental activities that enhance and preserve the unique characteristics of Keyport and the region.

The KEC dedicates these public information resources to Rowland Seckinger, former Chair of the Keyport Environmental Commission, resident, Keyport Fire Museum and Twin Lights Historic Site volunteer; who tirelessly persevered to preserve Keyport Harbor and waterfront areas from 1990 until 2009. “The man never rested, always offering his time and affection for the town and people he loved without selfishness. He was an environmentalist, a nature lover and a fierce protector of our waters and open space. There is something missing here in Keyport today and we won't ever have it back”……Keyport will always have Rowland’s spirit which will lead new generations of residents to discover the treasure’s of our unique environment.

Keyport, Monmouth County, New Jersey Sustainable Living by the Bay
Keyport's Blueprint for Building a Livable, Affordable and Thriving Community


Comments or Questions? Contact us at:  ATTN: Environmental Commission

KEC Committee

KEC Member, Chairman Dr. Kenneth DeGroat
KEC Member Michael Palmisano
KEC Member Dennis Fotopoulos
KEC Member Ken Howe  
KEC Member Matthew Tevis  
KEC Member Maureen Kinkela
KEC Member James Aumack
KEC Alt # 1 Member Victoria Mariocca  
KEC Alt #2 Member  Heather Brady-Miller
 Council Liaisons Joseph Sheridan  
   Victoria Pacheco  
Mayor Harry M. Aumack II Borough of Keyport
Borough Admin. Stephen J. Gallo Borough of Keyport

Past KEC Chairs -
In Loving Memory:  Rowland Seckinger
Gaylee Benedict

KEC Activities

COA Beach Clean Ups (Spring & Fall) PM
Click here to see how you can help
Cedar Street Park
IPM Integrated Pest Management Pesticide Free Zone Beach Park
Foot of Broad Street
Storm Drain Labels Polution Awareness Townwide Identification
NRI (Keyport Natural Resource Inventory Townwide
Participate on Keyport Green Team for Sustainable NJ - Click here for info on
How to build a Rain Barrel Townwide
Participate with NJ DEP to keep our waters clean. See how you can help. Townwide


Environmental Resource Links:

Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) Borough of Keyport – August 2007 (In accordance with Municipal Land Use Law N.J.S.A. 40:55D-1 et seq.)

The NRI is a compilation of basic environmental information that is an essential supplement to a land use plan.

Historic District - Borough Code 2-7.6 f (Establishment of Historic Districts)

Click Here for Keyport Ord. #12-87, 2-18, Ord. #2-89; Ord.#27-91, I; Ord. #14-96,1)
These districts are created for advisory purposes only, and to not constitute an amendment for supplement to the zoning ordinance of the Borough of Keyport. The purpose of the creation of these districts is to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the Borough through the preservation of historic buildings and structures and of places and districts through the development and maintenance of appropriate settings for such buildings, structure, , places and districts which impart to residents and visitors alike a district aspect of the Borough which serve as a visible reminders of historical and cultural heritage of the Borough, State and the nation.

The creation of these Historic Districts is intended to:
Safeguard the heritage of the Borough by preserving resources which reflect elements of our cultural, social, economic and architectural history;
Encourage the continued use of historic landmarks and to facilitate their appropriate reuse;
Promote appreciation of historic districts for education, pleasure and the welfare of the local populations;
Maintain and develop an appropriate and harmonious setting for the historic and architecturally significant buildings, structures and districts;
Foster beautification and private reinvestment;
Discourage unnecessary demolition of historic resources;
Encourage the proper maintenance and preservation of historic districts;
Enhance the visual and aesthetic character and diversity of the Borough;
Promote the conservation of historic districts and to invite voluntary compliance.

Monmouth County Historic Sites Inventory (Excerpted Material)

Original survey prepared by Gail Hunton and James C. McCabe 1980-1984. Funded by the Monmouth County Parks System and a Historic Preservation Survey and Planning Grant from the National Park Service administered through the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office with additional assistance from the Monmouth County Historical Association and the Monmouth County Planning Board.

Public copies of the Monmouth County Historic Sites Inventory are on file at the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office, NJDEP in Trenton (609) 292-2023 and the Monmouth County Historical Association Headquarters in Freehold (732-462-1466)

Click here for Keyport Historic District Map

Keyport Borough: 1322

Monmouth County Historic Sites Inventory (Monmouth County Parks System)

Click here for Inventory of Keyport Sites categorizing property structures as follows:

Listed on or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) or NJ Register (SR)
Not Eligible for the NRHS or SR
Potentially eligible for the NRHP (requires additional research)
Eligible as part of a recommended historic district
Individually eligible and eligible as part of a recommended historic district


Click on First Street District

First Street District 1322-1 through 1322-2-27
Click on Main Street District
Main Street District 1322-3 through 1322-3-37
Click on other locations
Church Street 1322-04
Atlantic Street 1322-05 through 1322-15
Beers Street 1322-16 through 1322-16
Broad Street 1322-18 through 1322-20
Broadway 1322-21 through 1322-43
Cedar Street 1322-44
Eight Street 1322-45
Green Grove Avenue 1322-46 through 1322-48
Luppatong Avenue 1322-49
Main Street 1322-50 through 1322-51
Manchester Avenue 1322-52
Maple Place 1322-53 through 1322-54
Osborn Street 1322-55
Pine Street 1322-56
Second Street 1322-58 through 1322-40
Van Dorn Street 1322-61
Washington Street 1322-62 through 1322-64
West Front Street 1322-65 through 1322-67
Luppataton Avenue 1322-68
Atlantic Street 1322-69
Second Street 1322-70
Snyder Lane 1322-71


Resource Links for Historic residential and business properties