Water Conservation due to extreme heat: The borough’s water supply is
being stressed because of the extremely high temperatures. Please
avoid unnecessary water use, avoid car washing, and water your lawn
only if necessary and on alternate, odd/even address corresponding
days. Conservation now may help avoid stricter measures at a later date.

KEYPORT RESIDENTS:  The Borough of Keyport does not have a tax rate.  Tax bills will be delivered once the tax rate is struck. You will be given 25 days from the date stamp on the evnvelope to pay without interest. There will be a notice in with the tax bill.


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6/3/2017 - Garden Club Event - Nature's Best Kept Secret - Alexander von Humboldt

Saturday, June 3 at 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Keyport Borough Hall, 70 West Front Street

Nature's Best Kept Secret - Alexander von Humboldt

Christan Summers - owner of Tula House in Brooklyn. Join us for this fascinating talk about Alexander von Humboldt - a Prussian naturalist, artist, explorer and geographer. He served as inspiration to both Charles Darwin and John Muir. We will learn of von Humboldt's travels through South America and the impact he had on nature and the science of plants. Our speaker, Christan Summers, is a self-taught horticulturist with an MBA in business and marketing. She has lived in Paris and Bangkok, sold flowers on Martha’s Vineyard, swum with sharks, and worked in the worlds of jewelry, e-commerce and advertising. She founded Tula in 2016. Christan will have plants from Tula for sale after the GardenTalk.

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