Water Conservation due to extreme heat: The borough’s water supply is
being stressed because of the extremely high temperatures. Please
avoid unnecessary water use, avoid car washing, and water your lawn
only if necessary and on alternate, odd/even address corresponding
days. Conservation now may help avoid stricter measures at a later date.

KEYPORT RESIDENTS:  The Borough of Keyport does not have a tax rate.  Tax bills will be delivered once the tax rate is struck. You will be given 25 days from the date stamp on the evnvelope to pay without interest. There will be a notice in with the tax bill.


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Phase I - Waterfront Revitalization Project 

In January 2007, the NJDEP Bureau of Coastal Engineering broke ground on a project that serves to transform the shore protection and public access of the Keyport Borough Waterfront through an imaginative and well supported project funded through a partnership of State, County, and Local funding.

Keyport Borough’s bulkhead replacement project is currently replacing approximately 1,450 linear feet of the American Legion Drive Bulkhead from the Municipal Public Access Boat Ramp to the recreation area known as Fireman’s Park.  The project, while providing vital protection of the Borough’s coastal bay front, provides for greatly enhanced and recreational type public access to this area.  The Bulkhead will be augmented with decorative railings and a 15 foot wide promenade, allowing enjoyment of the newly protected waterfront and hopefully attracting visitors to the beautifully transformed waterfront.

The Borough, through partial funding from the New Jersey Green Acres Program, is concurrently rehabilitating the municipal fishing pier, which lies just to the west of the center of the bulkhead project.  This pier is a vital part of Keyport's history as a marine community, allowing a true fisherman's element to the waterfront. 

As Phase I is underway, The Borough is currently working with the public and their professionals for the vision of the "Waterfront Park", combining elements of vehicular access, parking, and recreational facilities that can be enjoyed by the entire community for years to come.  This element will serve as Phase II of the project, and is in conceptual design through a public outreach and consensus building process.