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The Administration and Finance Department is responsible for oversight of the Boroughs purchasing functions. All purchase orders for goods or services are processed through these offices.

The Borough of Keyport encourages and welcomes the interest of new vendors as well as current suppliers. The information provided here is intended to help businesses understand the purchasing procedures and practices of Keyport Borough. This information will help you understand our practices and; therefore, make it easier for us to help you.


Vendors should make an appointment before calling on the Borough Purchasing Department to assure availability of appropriate Borough personnel. No assurance can be given to vendors who arrive unannounced.

Purchase Order Required

No items are to be purchased or services rendered to the Borough of Keyport without a properly executed purchase order. During emergency conditions effecting the health and welfare of the public, Borough policy allows the following individuals to purchase without a purchase order. Vendors should be aware that this policy can only be used during an emergency.

Borough Administrator  -  Superintendent Public Works

Water Plant Operator - Chief of Police - Coordinator OEM

Business Registration Act

P.L. 2004, C.57 requires that vendors are to provide municipal governments proof of business registration. If you have not already done so, please provide a copy of your “Business Registration Certificate” to the purchasing office. We cannot accept your “Certificate of Authority” as proof of registration. If you need assistance obtaining your “Business Registration Certificate”, contact the New Jersey Division of Revenue at 609-292-1730 or visit their website at

Methods of Procurement

For purchases under $1,000.00, no solicitation of quotes is required and the Borough may issue purchase orders for goods or services according to its need.

Request for Quote

For purchases between $1000.00 and $2,625.00, while not required by law, Borough policy finds it advantageous to obtain quotes. For purchases between $2,625.00 and $17,500.00, the Local Public Contracts Law requires the Borough to obtain quotes. Quotes may be solicited verbally or in writing, however written confirmation from those receiving the quotes on behalf of the Borough must be attached to the requisition form. All quotes should be FOB Keyport Borough or any and all freight charges should be included in the vendor’s proposal. Orders will be placed via a Keyport Borough Purchase Order. Written requests for quotes will include forms to be submitted along with date and time of submission. Timely responses are greatly appreciated and benefit both the Borough and the vendor.

N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.4

Purchases in excess of $17,500.00 are required to comply with Pay to Play regulations.  For Purchases between $17,500.00 and $21,000.00 this requires the Borough to solicit proposals in a more formal manor through the Request for Proposal process.  Vendors should be aware that the law requires aggregation by vendor.  Therefore multiple small purchases with a single vendor may exceed the Pay to Play threshold and require the RFP process.

Formal Bidding

This is generally required for any commodity, service or public improvement when the cost exceeds the statutory bid threshold of $21,000.00, pursuant to NJSA, 40A:11-3. Bids must be submitted in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed in the respective bid package.

Invitation for Bids (IFB) – Vendors are encouraged to read the Courier Post for publication of “Notice to Bidders” for current IFB announcements. The current bid opportunities  contains a list of current IFB’s and RFP's. The Borough does not warrant this list to be complete. Bid packages are available at the Municipal Clerks Office while RFP's are available from the Administrator.

Sealed bids are publicly opened and read aloud at the time, date and location specified in the bid documents.

Bids are tabulated and evaluated for the best price, compliance with the bid specifications and other relevant considerations. A recommendation is submitted to the Borough Committee for award. All awards or rejections normally occur within sixty (60) days of the bid opening date. Notification of award will be formally made in writing.

Prevailing Wage and Public Works Contractor Registration Acts

Public works projects subject to the Acts are those funded in whole or in part with the funds of a public body. Contracts awarded directly by municipal government must be valued at $11,892 or more.  For more information and registration information visit State Labor Standards.

Payment Approval Process

The Borough of Keyport pays claims on a monthly basis. The payment claim is approved at the Borough Committee’s regularly scheduled Business Meeting. Business Meetings are scheduled for the 1st and 4th Tuesday of each month, with exceptions for holidays and summer months. Claims are only placed on the “Bill List” after the completion of the Purchase Order Process.

Vendors will receive two copies of the purchase order consisting of the voucher and a vendor copy. The voucher copy must be signed and returned to the department that placed the order, i.e. ship to address on the purchase order, with an invoice. The voucher copy should be returned only when all the goods or services have been supplied to the Borough.

Upon receipt of the voucher and invoice, the department receiving the goods or services shall certify to the Finance Office that the goods were received. The claim is then added to the “Bill List” for the next Business Meeting. The Finance Office must receive submissions from the department’s one week prior to the business meeting for processing. Claims not received at the Finance Office one week prior, will be approved at the following Business Meeting. The mailing of an invoice without a signed voucher or vice versa may dramatically slow down the payment process. Upon approval of the Borough Committee, checks will be mailed promptly.

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